"The session exceeded my expectations. I felt an unparalleled confidence. It was very worthy, I recommend everyone to do it! Marilia was super careful and attentive! She managed to make beautiful the part of my body that I feel most insecure about. And she proved that everything is a matter of angle"


"I loved the album and the photos. They are amazing! Your work is perfect! You are a wonderful photographer. I am delighted with your work! It doesn't even look like I am the one in the photos. Soon I will do another photoshoot with you. I loved it, I loved it! "


"It was my first experience and it was perfect. I felt very comfortable and Marilia's work is beautiful. It was wonderful! I felt extremely comfortable. It exceeded my expectations, flawless work. I trusted Marilia 100% and everything was perfect!"


"It was an incredible experience, I felt comfortable and relaxed during the photoshoot. And after the session I felt renewed and with a high level of self-esteem!"


“It was the first time I did it and I thought it was amazing! The female photoshoot is subtle without being vulgar. At the beginning of the session I was a bit shy but soon I let go and felt very comfortable. You gain confidence, you know? I recommend it to friends and real women like me. The experience changes the way you look at yourself! ”


"Do you know when you want to do something but you don't have the courage? I thought I could never do it as I am shy. At first I was nervous, but Marilia encouraged me and everything came out naturally. When I saw the photos, they looked so beautiful that I wanted more! When I received the photos I was very happy. I didn't know about my potential. I loved this portrait of femininity. "


"I loved the experience and the natural result of the photos portraying who I am. I wanted to do the lifestyle test with what I had in the closet and that didn’t make me feel less feminine. Marilia's look is light, true and very delicate. Soon, I'll do another one!"

Ana Beatriz

"Marilia has an attentive and delicate eye, she conducts the poses and angles in a very calm and natural way making you feel at ease. From the first contact to the delivery of the photos, the work was faultless, super professional and punctual. The result of the rehearsal was of the finest good taste. It managed to be sexy and elegant at the same time. I felt wonderful. The way I wanted"


"I never imagined I would do something like this. As I wasn’t feeling very comfortable with myself the rehearsal was a way of trying to see myself from a different angle. Not only to give my fiance a gift but to also give myself a gift and to show me a part of me that I didn’t know yet. That goal was totally achieved. Even with my nervousness and shame. I loved the result. I can't believe it's me. I can't stop looking at the photos and feeling surprised with the delicacy, femininity and sensuality that Marilia managed to capture"


"I loved everything! It was a different but amazing experience in which I felt very comfortable. It helped me bring back that femininity that we all have inside ourselves. The final work was wonderful, the photos incredible and it managed to translate who I am. It was very worth it and I am looking forward to do it again!"


"The photo shoot with Marilia was a delightfully pleasant and pleasurable experience. I felt beautiful, sexy, feminine and special. When I saw the photos I didn't even recognize myself ... then I looked closely and realized: it's me and I'm wonderful! I liked it so much that I want to repeat it!"


“It made me feel like a desired woman again after a very difficult phase of my life. Through her eyes, Marilia can go beyond the lenses and show what a great professional is capable of. She surprises you at each click and exceeds when she combines her sensibility with the camera lens. I will do other sessions for sure in addition to recommending her work to my friends. It is really worth it! ”

Ana Paula

"The experience overcame my expectations. Although many of us always dream of having female photos I usually find a lack of courage and it is hard to find professionals who convey knowledge and tranquility. Marilia is super light. She knows not only the photography techniques, but also how to make us feel comfortable and do our best. The result was surprising and incredible!”


"The rehearsal was unique. Despite the feeling of shyness at the beginning, Marilia with her delicate way leads us to be ourselves throughout the rehearsal. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new experience and wants to dare to see themselves from a new angle”

Ana Luiza

“Scenarios, clothes, makeup… Steps toward inspiration! Relaxed afternoon, naturally lit, a look at myself… The result is surprising…romantic, ashamed, strong , powerful, serious, relaxed, childlike, playful… I discover a new focus on me… Steps toward admiration! The good thing is to look again and again because that's female photography… Steps toward meeting myself! ”


"I really liked it! It was what I expected! At first, I felt embarrassed but I let go of myself naturally throughout the photoshooting. I definitely recommend Marilia's work!"


"I loved the experience ... this photoshooting was a dream I had and everything was much better than I imagined. I felt totally at ease, fulfilled and powerful. Marilia showed a part of myself that I didn't even know before. With her delicacy and care in every pose, in every detail. Loved it! I'm still amazed! "


" You nailed it! I did it as a gift for myself and for my fiancé. I gave it to him during our honeymoon - he loved it and I managed to surprise him!"


"The idea of ​​making a female photoshoot never crossed my mind for several reasons. The biggest one: dissatisfaction with my body. However I set myself a goal this year: to do things I had never imagined. Combining this with the desire to change the way I see myself I decided to do the photoshoot. I met Marilia on Instagram and took a chance. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made! Despite being shy and having this problem with my self-esteem I felt amazing! I was well taken care of. So much so that I felt at ease in a short time. Throughout the photoshootingI felt like I could do everything and as well as be beautiful and powerful! The way I see myself changed considerably after the photoshoot, especially when I received the photos. I could see that the compliments I got were sincere. I'm beautiful. Yes! My unique beauty that mixes my sauciness, my naturally curly oriental hair and my expressive eyes (now I believe they are!). It is mine today and I can say I am proud to be who I am! My profound gratitude to Marilia, who managed to capture me with her lenses and express who I am. Who with her hair and makeup did what no one had ever achieved: I feel really beautiful, without fear and not being modest"


"I always wanted to do a boudoir photoshoot, but I never had the courage. I think it is because of my low self-esteem. I was waiting for the 'right' moment. Waiting to be perfectly thin or more beautiful. At last I realized that that moment was now. We forget that we will never be perfect in the eyes of everybody and what really matters is the self love that must be cultivated every day in each one of us. Valuing more who we are and what we are. That's why I decided it was time to do the photoshoot. Not only to give it to someone, but also to give it myself, my everyday love. And to remember that we are much more than meets the eye. Through this experience I was able to see a different beauty in me, through someone else's eyes. And how lovely to know that each one has a specific feature that makes them unique”