Just say thank you!


Just say thank you! Who has never been a little embarrassed when receiving a compliment? I'm talking about those sincere compliments. We often do not know how to respond, since it is an art to do this in an elegant way.

In a few seconds, so much goes on in our heads that we end up justifying ourselves. Is this really necessary? So, my challenge for you is: just say "Thank you!"

Forget all shame and accept the compliments. And when you do it, do it from the heart. It is common to feel uncomfortable when we receive a sincere compliment. Soon an “excuse” for non-narcissism comes to mind, sometimes even for thoughts out loud.

In order not to appear arrogant or exaggerated, we can diminish or reject the praise received. We forget that what we are receiving is a gift from someone who noticed something special about us.

A new look at the compliments we receive

Considering this scenario, I am here today to tell you that when you receive a sincere compliment, feel it body and soul. Realize the truth of the words spoken and let the feeling of gratitude overflow. Get drunk with praise: there is no shame in being praised or praising. However, it is also important to return the compliment with a smile and a simple "Thank you"!

If you get a compliment, it's because you made someone else happy - have you ever stopped to think? Someone wanted to share that feeling with you. Always know that someone has stopped watching you and choose the words to say to you, only you.

By denying the compliment, you are unconsciously saying to that person who does not want to share that feeling. That she doesn't know what she's talking about. That her feelings are not valid. Is that really what you want to convey?

Accepting a compliment is even more difficult when we ourselves do not accept or recognize our qualities and virtues. Several times we feel attached to the standards of beauty imposed by the consumer society of a dictatorial aesthetic. Free yourself from the standards! Give yourself the deserved value.

How to change our view of ourselves

Despite all this, the question remains: and how can we change and see ourselves differently? In fact, there are several ways. One of them is the female rehearsal! Through photography, you will be able to have a new view of yourself. I love creating an environment so that you can feel unique, have your moment.

Besides, I never give a compliment when it is not true and, you can be sure, I do it with my heart! Praise is very powerful for both the recipient and the recipient.

“… Don't forget the compliments you receive.
Forget the offenses,
if you can, teach me.
Keep the old love letters.
Throw away old bank statements… ”
(Use sunscreen - Mary Schmich)

Challenge yourself! Exercise those feelings. Praise someone today, especially when they least expect it. And don't forget: it is just as important to say at least "Thank you" when you receive a sincere compliment.

And you, take up the challenge? Share with me how you feel when you receive a sincere compliment. How do you usually say thanks?

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