Why you should stop looking for love

Love is simple, love is smooth... It's like the soft air we feel on our faces when a window is opened. It doesn't ask to come in...

It doesn't weigh, it doesn't complain, it doesn't cry, it doesn't distune. It just exists, just like when you inhale and exhale. So soft, it can be almost imperceptible. It balances, calms, warms. Everything that escapes from that, is not love.

Despite being so simple, the human being always wants to complicate things.

Put confetti where you don't need it or define something that doesn't always need a definition.

But, even so, there are moments in life that we are looking for… these introspective days .... Is that love? Now it's love! Ow, not now!

And our days are with ups and downs, according to our responses ...

Despite our desire to define it, to put a beginning, middle, and end, perhaps also to give a name and a surname, we don't need to look for it.

The truth is, it is already around us.

Too bad we don't always notice. And why is it?

I venture to say that people are born looking outward rather than inward. We look more at others than at ourselves, to have instead of being.

Changing this pattern is not easy, it requires patience, self-knowledge, time, and a lot of love ... real love not for others, but for ourselves.

We want to make other people happy, but we don't care so much if we are happy. We want to give love to others, but we are executioners when we need to love ourselves.

You will only find love, IF ... You will only be happy, IF ....

If you've ever taken a few bumps from this life - whoever? -, you will know that this is a pure illusion.

Love does not exist outside us, it does not exist in tomorrows, it does not exist when something happens, it does not exist when the sun comes out.

It exists now. In the present moment, in your daily life, it really exists!

Look for love where you will really find it: within you.