Trust yourself

Stop putting too much on yourself, stop looking to your side, thinking about in what you don't have yet. I know, life is complicated, it has its ups and downs.

Sometimes we think things are not going to work out. We have to trust yourselves.

Trust seems to be a difficult word for anyone who has learned to control "everything" - schedules, incomes, what to eat, where to go, who to talk to. How to trust? Trust time? In something we've never seen?

However, it is the only thing to do. I mean, it's the only healthy thing to do.

Why trying to predict what is not possible?

Nowadays society teaches and estimulates us to control, to always be perfect and to be all the same, even to dress the same. Over reaction? No, it's the reality.

You have to be beautiful, shaved, perfumed, thin, formed and postgraduate, speaking 2 or 3 languages ​​fluently, married, with children, rich, with your dream job, with your passport more than stamped, with the cell phone of the year.

I don’t know, looking at it like that, it all seems kind of boring and predictable, don't you think?

Not all the things you want come at the time you want ~ maybe this is the greatest teaching of all the existence.

Sometimes the path is more winding than we wanted, with more emotions than we anticipated and certainly with more learnings than we could imagine.

Yesterday I watched a video on Yout Tube of a digital nomad couple who said that brave is not someone who ventures and travels the world, but someone who always lives the same days, without any emotion. Just imagine - it would all be very boring.

So, I started to see this whole imperfection of life in a more positive way.

I understood that the secret to being happy is to let the flow go. And trust.